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Bridge2Aid address a chronic lack of access to emergency dental treatment in developing countries in a sustainable way through the training of existing rural community Health Workers to provide simple dental pain relief and oral health education. Each Health Worker serves a rural population of around 10,000 people, and training is provided by volunteer dentists from the UK. By eliminating dental pain and suffering amongst individuals in rural communities,Bridge2Aid improve the quality of life for the poorest and most marginalized groups around the world.


Pattni Foundation contributes to Geita District Hospital:

Pattni Foundation and Ducorp Group subsidiaries channeled funds towards the donation of bed sheets and pillow cases to Geita District Hospital. This will ensure long-term patient care, hygiene, and prevention of bed sores. Geita is currently facing major challenges in serving the health care needs of the local community in the district. Geita District Hospital serves more than 800,000 people. There is a shortage of Hospital bedding, availability of medical equipment and systems and resources for the faster diagnosis and treatment of diseases particularly affecting Women and Children.


The Close and Clean Water Project:

This project's aim is to facilitate the provision of clean and convenient water supply to rural communities in Tanzania. A majority of the rural areas in Tanzania have an alarming need for closer access to clean water supply. Children and women are forced to fetch several buckets of water while covering a distance between 10-20kms. Most of the times the water that is fetched from afar sources is contaminated water, which results in members of the village getting prone to water-borne and water-based diseases. This results in direct negative impact with valuable educational time being lost, health being at high risk, and productivity being dampened. This flags a crucial need for closer and cleaner access to water, to which boreholes are an ideal solution.

Ducorp Group, through the Pattni Foundation, took its first step into this project by constructing a borehole in the rural village ofKideka, in Singida (Tanzania). The borehole holds a height of 8.5m and caters to 216 households with 516 people. With this, we hope to have saved hours of walking time for children and women at the village while bringing cleaner water access, closer to home; thanks to the bounties of nature.

Project Shiksha:

Education support for Africa's Leader's of tomorrow', the aim of Project Shiksha, initiated by the Pattni foundation under the aegis of Ducorp group.

This foundation envisioned helping each child get his/her basic right – the right to education. The foundation aims at getting more and more students enrolled into the primary classes and to put a check to the current number of primary school dropouts.

We understand our corporate social responsibility well and are striving hard to bring smiles to thousands of faces. We aim at lighting up lives by quality education so that every child develops into a balanced personality and not just grows. The foundation does not merely offer free books and mid-day meals but it rather empowers children to lead a quality life despite the odds they may have been born with.

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